Nagares, S.A.

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descarga certificacionesThe Nagares Group complies with the following quality certifications:

ISO 9001, general purpose

ISISO TS/16949, automotive sector

ISO 14001 environmental

All of our management systems, administration, development, validation and manufacturing have been audited by our OEM customers to whom we are supplying with our parts: Renault, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Volkswagen, Ford, Fiat, etc.

We have our own quality standard performing internal audits to our manufacturing centers, departments, management system, etc.

Due to the fact that in Nagares we count with several different manufacturing technologies where the quality targets should be totally different, we have an internal quality system based on the customer-supplier relationship between the different centers of manufacturing and management within the Nagares group. On this way, when any quality failure is detected in a manufacturing center but created in a different one, the customer-center demands to the supplier all the usual quality control and follow activities as 8D, evidences showing, audits, etc.

We own all the required control tools and equipment needed to validate any Nagares product, no matter if it is in the development, validation or already in its manufacturing phase.

All of our parts are delivered after being 100% tested in different proofs as AOI (automatic optical inspection) for mounted components and soldering quality, Electrical test-Test in circuit, thermal test, EOL functional test, laser control of width of soldering paste at SMT lines, ionic pollution control and dimensional test with automatic optical systems.

Finally, some other tests are frequently passed as R-X, bonding control quality, etc.