Nagares, S.A.

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Culture and values
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Nagares has 7 values which define the culture and life of our company:

  • Innovation: Our products are high tech and the innovation must be part of our thinking. This innovation culture must be inside of every single idea emerging from inside the Nagares group.
  • Reliability: The idea of being reliable should be extended to every process in our group. Only on this way we can get a reliable product.
  • Engagement: Any agreement reached by any work of the group with a customer, supplier, partner or college must be considered as an engagement which has to be respected in timing and result.
  • Integrity: Only through a transparent system can be pretended that our resources get optimized and our employees, suppliers and partners get motivated and then finally, get to be competitive.
  • Experience: We count with highly experimented managers within automotive sector who teach their knowledge, experience and company culture to the next generations joining the company.
  • Social commitment: As a company placed in low industrialized area, we are engaged to empower the employment generation, wealthy and quality life improvement of the communities and people where are in established.
  • Evolution: The evolution has been part of us since our beginning. We can’t reject any change which the future may request from us, as the evolution and change are within our DNA.