Nagares, S.A.

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Herminio Navalón

Nagares was born when HerminioNavalon due to his entrepreneur character, decided to stablishan electromechanical workshop for cars and trucks in MotilladelPalancar (Spain).

With the background acquired in his previous work at Femsa (today Bosch), our founder developed and manufactured by hand a special version of flasher unit which was installed on the trucks arrived to his workshop with failure in the original device. The product had a great acceptance by the truck drivers market and it was requested to be installed even in trucks which didn’t have any failure on the original part (yet).

It was such a success that, few months later, Pegaso (old truck maker in Spain later on purchased by Iveco) heard and tested the parts made by HerminioNavalon. Later on, Pegaso  contacted to our founder asking him to manufacture his flasher unit, in an industrial way as the original part for new manufactured trucks. After that agreement, HerminioNavalon stopped the activities on the worshop and and founded Nagares, S.L., as company dedicated to the serial manufacturing of such a flasher unit.

Few months later a new flasher unit special for buses and trucks was patented and put on the market. It was called the Alternative Flasher Unit.

Some more flashers units and a new range or products such as relays and timers were developed in the following years, allowing to Nagares to get more customer and increase its revenues, always using at that time, the electromechanical relay as the core technology used on all of these products.

Latest 90’s it was a key time for Nagares, as it was decided to leave the electromechanical relays as core technology, being replaced by electronic solid state relays (semiconductors), with more sophisticated electronic and software developments, integrating more functions and with a better quality and reliability. GND, S.A. (Development Nagares group, the current R&D center of Nagares) was built. It was how Nagares started to get focused on power electronic components and systems for automotive, where today is a market reference.

Understanding our history it is possible to better follow our values, which leaded Nagares to be deployed as it is today. Innovation, effort, quality, perseverance. These values were the pillars of our growth and remain the same today in order to grant the satisfaction of our customers, as it always was.