Nagares, S.A.

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Nagares Green
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Nagares Green" Nagares has the compromise of providing the safest and healthiest workplace to their employees, with responsible practices, and sets as a key target to ensure its own growth work with our products to allow vehicles to be sustainable, more energy efficient and less pollutants, to provide to current and future generations of living beings a better place to live".

Herminio Navalón Carretero
Chairman and CEO

Plan of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction:

Nagares has introduced in new plan "Ecoenergia 2013", which pretends to cut the power consumption by a 30% between January 1st 2013 and December 31st 2015. It is desired to identify and eliminate the unuseful power consumptions which don’t add any value to our products. In this way we should be able to produce the same amount of parts but using less power, what means a lower CO2 fingerprint made by our activity.

This Plan Ecoenergiawillde deployed in different branch in order to optimize the power use. Power consumption reduction targets will be implemented in production areas and we will inform and train our employees about these ways and the results periodically.

In order to archive such a target, Nagares has requested the help and awareness of all of its workers. This plan should be considered by each one of the employees of Nagares as a personal goal which will lead in a smaller fingerprint of our activity in the natural environment of all or our families.

sin plomo
sin plomo

Lead free manufacturing policy:

Nagares already manufactures several products 100% lead free. All our processes and manufacturing equipment are ready for it.

All of the new products being developed are already compliance as well with the lead-free policy.

Moreover, we comply with the RoHS and IMDS normatives of components and materials.