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Nagares Group supports Hyperloop Makers UPV team on their presentation about the train of the future demonstrator in the United States

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Nagares Group is a Spanish industrial group founded in 1971. Since the beginning it has been focused on research, development, manufacturing and sales of electronic systems mainly for the automotive sector. We are suppliers of nearly every car manufacturer in the world. In the last years, the future strategy of Nagares has been reinforced on the development of technologies and systems for cars and also other elements for cleaner and more efficient transportation. This is the case of electric cars and e-bikes, among others. We have devoted a considerable part of our budget to the researching of those applications.


The Spanish team Hyperloop Makers UPV of Valencia was awarded the prize for Best Design and Best propulsion subsystem in the Design Weekend organized by SpaceX. This contest is organized in order to come true the ambitious dream of billionaire Elon Musk to build Hyperloop, a train that could reach 1000 km / h with 100% renewable energy. The team of only five students and their tutor competed against great teams of the most prestigious universities in the world. With their breaking concept of the futuristic train, they are the living proof that a small team of encouraged students can go very far if they are determined to do so.

After their great success in Texas, which has had an incredible impact on the media, the Hyperloop Makers UPV team it is determined to continue working and participating in the Competition Weekend, an event organized by SpaceX (Elon Musk’s aerospace company) that will be held in California soon.

Nagares has decided to be part of this interesting and ambitious project. We have given the UPV team technological and economic support, becoming in this way a Premium Partner.

The Nagares Group has always been a family group with their eyes on great projects. From the Nagares family we have made a bet on innovation. Challenges are our strength and giving opportunities to enterprising young people is our driving force.

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