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Nagares: increasing electric vehicles’ competitiveness (Paper on 'AUTOREVISTA')

Ever since it was set up more than 40 years ago, Spanish firm Nagares has stood out for its constant capacity to innovate and regenerate itself. When electric vehicles first emerged as a key component of future mobility, this company based in Motilla Del Palancar (Cuenca) designed a strategy that has since positioned it as a specialist in catering for the needs of these

A part of this strategy, the company, which has a long and fruitful tradition as an electronic systems manufacturer, created a specific division for this technology, Nagares EV. This focus demonstrates the importance that this burgeoning vehicles segment has for this firm from La Mancha. Nagares EV specializes in assembling electronic components for electric vehicles. It has the capacity to process magnetic elements and possesses total traceability systems, ultrasonic welding equipment and various cable processing systems.

Juan Diego Navalón, New Business Development Manager at Nagares, states, “Irrespective of their credentials as environmentally friendly means of transport, we view electric vehicles as another step of Spanish and European society’s journey towards maturity. There is no denying that some of the advantages claimed for electric vehicles are, to some extent, debatable. These include the issues surrounding their current range and their contribution towards improving energy efficiency within the overall system. However, it is equally true that they offer at least two other absolutely indisputable advantages”.

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