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Nagares Group heats the Nissan electric car (Paper on 'EL MUNDO')

A couple years ago, the company decided to invest in advanced engineering and develop specific products for the new wave of electric cars. Soon, they had a clear goal of their investment and research: heating systems. Until that moment, the use of heating systems decreased the autonomy of the vehicles.

In addition to achieve its basic goal: provide with heating system the electric car; Nagares Group device has several advantages that make it different from the other alternative systems: it allows program the temperature even before get into the car, and allows heat the e-car without  the need of water so does not reduce its autonomy. According to Nagares Group estimates, this device is 20% more efficient than any other in the market, providing the vehicle with 20 kilometers more.

This system is able to control a PTC (resistor inserted into a radiator to warm the air that passes through it) up to 5kW working at 410V direct current. The device is placed inside the climate control module known as HVAC.

GND (the development Nagares Group, current R&D center of Nagares) have been in charge of the development and electronic validation work of the device, hardware, software, thermal analysis and EMC. In Nagares (the main company and core business of Nagares Group) has taken place the mechanical development for the whole system integration, the environmental and product life validation.

Nagares Group started to manufacture this product the second half of last year. From this moment, the company is in continuous improvement and already works in the next generation of the device that will allow, improve the performance, the integration into the vehicle and the price.

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