Nagares, S.A.

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  • Automotive high voltage (500VDC) development (See Products for electric car )
  • HW, SW, EMC development (See GND)
  • Termal, mechatronic and mechanic development (See GND)
  • Expansion of 48V technology (LV148, DIN IEC60038) to all of our product portfolioxtensión de 48V. (LV148, DIN IEC60038) (See GND)
  • Diesel systems development (See GND)
  • PWM and brushless BLDC development (See GND)
  • Full validation capability (See GND)
  • Microelectronics clean room and SMT assembly (See Production Technologies)
  • Plastic injection, overmolding and metal stamping (See Production Technologies)
  • Final assembly  mechatronic (See Production Technologies)